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Types of Maintenance Painting Surveys

The purpose of maintenance painting is to preserve structures and equipment from premature failure and maintain them in appealing condition. There are three types of surveys that can be conducted to establish a maintenance painting program; minimal walk-through,mid-level and detailed maintenance painting survey.

Minimal walk-through survey

A minimal walk-through maintenance painting survey involves a subjective visual assessment of the overall condition of the coatings within a given area of the facility (lock, dam, public use area). The coatings within the areas are rated according to the painting needs of high, medium, or low priority, or some other qualitative rating scheme such as no coating work required, touchup only, or complete removal. When using a priority grading scheme, corrosion, process, contamination, safety, etc. all may be utilized as criteria. It may be helpful to conduct a quick walk-through of the facility to obtain an initial understanding of the range of coating conditions found throughout. This observation would provide a means of anticipating the amount of information to be gathered in the upcoming survey. If a wide range of conditions exist, more extensive testing may be required to determine the varying environments and causes of premature system failures. The initial walk-through provides an indication of the condition of the coatings and helps to establish a logical approach to organizing data collection.

Mid-level survey

A mid-level survey will provide more information for planning maintenance painting than will the minimal survey. For a mid-level maintenance painting survey, drawings can be used to better divide the facility into well-defined areas. Within each area, painted items may be subdivided into categories such as structural steel, floors, tanks, piping, etc., rather than assessing the overall condition as a whole. This type of breakdown would provide a greater distinction between the items surveyed. An alternative would be to organize the items according to architectural, electrical, mechanical components, etc. The deterioration of the coating is assessed quantitatively in terms of visible corrosion, peeling, blistering, flaking, etc. The percentages of defects can be determined in accordance with SSPC VIS 2 or other custom-designed rating schemes.

Detailed survey

The detailed maintenance painting survey divides the plant into areas but further identifies individual components. For example, electrical equipment is not examined as a whole. Instead, individual motors are assessed, as are control boxes, conduit, etc. In addition, physical tests of the coating thickness, adhesion, and examinations of the substrate beneath the film are made for the presence of mill scale, corrosion, or deterioration. The advantage of this level of detail is that decisions can be made about whether the existing coating is of sufficient strength and integrity to be repainted, or if it is unable to support the application of additional coats.

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