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The particular characteristics of Multiunit House Painting projects

Multiunit house painting needs to serve two primary reasons-protect the substrates from weather conditions and human activities and beautify to provide an aesthetically pleasant environment for the tenants and visitors.

Although the same apply for all commercial painting projects and the process needed to achieve these objectives are similar, multiunit house painting in a large scale and quantity varies a lot from all other forms of commercial painting. To begin, while is relatively easy to work around a schedule of a single business or a number of them as you can found in an office building or a warehouse, working on a multi-unit HOA or apartment building requires excellent organizational skills and high level of communication between property owners, tenants and painting crews.

Painting a business building usually takes place while the business is operating which means communication between painting crews and owners/managers is somewhat immediate and quickly addresses any problems arising from such a process. On the other hand, on a multiunit HOA, painting takes place while residents are away, so is critical to identify the problems which may arise and to be addressed promptly. Providing a timetable for the tasks which is going to be taken during the process and notifying in advance the tenants for them, gives them the opportunity to arrange their schedule so they have time for example to clear their patio or to be present for their door to be painted. There is also a need for the painting crews to approach these projects with a higher degree of sensitivity and discretion because the painting process takes place in personal spaces where people may feel intruded.

One more difference between commercial and HOA painting projects is that usually the decision making for the coating system and color scheme of a business is up to the owner or manager to make. On a homeowners association the decision comes through meetings and voting of the owners and their board. And while is easy to agree about the properties and function of the coating system needed, when comes to the color scheme things get a bit complicated. With digital color rendering the homeowners can review and coordinate the color schemes that best suit the appearance of their apartments or condominiums before paints been applied and narrow the choices and the numbers of samples needed for a decision to be made.

Capital Painting is bringing to your multifamily house painting project the experience and expertise for a successful and trouble-free venture. Our professionals understand the needs and uniqueness of the housing industry and we are committed to deliver your project in a timely manner,safely and competitive prices.

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