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Selection of Coatings

Coatings need to serve two primary reasons-to protect a structure or equipment from human activities and working environments and to provide an aesthetic pleasing result. Even though the same applies for every coating job-commercial or industrial-the factors that determine the selection of coatings varies in every project.

The selection of a coatings is based on many factors and includes:

  • Service environment of the coating:

— Interior or exterior

— Atmospheric environment (humidity, industrial, marine, rural)

— Abrasion and impact

— Immersion

— Chemical

— Service temperature (typical range and upset conditions)

— Mechanical stress

  • Compatibility on previously coated substrates
  • Size of item to be coated
  • Configuration of item to be coated
  • Surface preparation methods available and if applicable at job site
  • Temperature and humidity during application
  • Life expectancy of both item being coated, and coating
  • Maintenance requirements
  • Ability of applicators
  • Availability of application equipment
  • Availability of both item to be coated and coating material
  • Critical safety requirements
  • Owner’s comfort level with products or manufacturers
  • Time restrictions
  • Budget

From the above list one can see the number of variables needed to be factored in the process of the selection of coatings for any given project. Working with a professional painting company can help you identify the specific needs and environment your coating needs to serve and the available types of coatings in the market.

Capital Painting is partnering with you to accomplish a successful coatings project in the most efficient and effective way. From the selection of coatings system and throughout the application process, with 24/7 service, experience personnel and up to date resources, we are committed to deliver your coatings project in a timely manner, safely and cost effective way with minimum disruption for your business and day to day operations and guaranteed long lasting protection for your infrastructure with the desired aesthetical results.

If you are a business owner or a facilities manager and you are in search to hire a painting contractor in Sacramento,San Francisco Bay Area,San Jose and California’s Central Valley , give us a call today at 1-866-8CAPITAL or send us your message in the form below. We’ll be happy to serve you!


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