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Retail Painting-Store Painting-Mall Painting

From a big box retail store to a small mom & pop neighborhood shop, Capital Painting services any size of your retail painting needs. Either is interior or exterior painting that you need, floors, walls or ceilings, Capital Painting is committed to deliver your retail painting project in time, safely and in competitive prices.

Retail Painting-Commercial Painting

Having served a number of retail stores throughout the years, we understand that looking fresh and performing your best is crucial for your business to stay competitive and relevant. With Capital Painting partners with you to accomplish your retail painting objectives in the most efficient and effective way. From high performance coatings to low odor paints and from tough wear epoxies to delicate wall coverings, our highly skilled professionals are ready 24/7 to solve the most challenging retail space painting projects.


Our Retail Painting Services include:

We offer digital color rendering, so you can review and coordinate the color schemes that best suit the appearance of your business before paints been applied reducing the number of samples needed and costs.At Capital Painting we realize that every client has a different combination of needs (size of project, limitations, requirements, and specifications). Our job is to understand your unique needs so we can formulate and execute the best solution for your business.

Whatever your project may be, with 24/7 service, experience personnel and up to date resources, we are committed to deliver your retail painting project in a timely manner, safely, in a cost effective way with minimum disruption for your business and day to day operations and guaranteed long lasting protection for your infrastructure with the desired aesthetic results.

If you are a business owner or a facilities manager and you are in search to hire a retail painting company in Sacramento,San Francisco Bay Area,San Jose and California’s Central Valley or you need information about products and services, give us a call today at 1-866-8CAPITAL or send your message below. We’ll be happy to hear from you!


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