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Restaurant Painting-Interior & Exterior Restaurant Painting

When it comes to restaurant painting, Capital Painting is your commercial painting contractor of choice. Having been in the restaurant business ourselves in the past, we understand that a fresh and clean service environment is important for your patrons to enjoy their meals and continue support your business. Beyond your service environment, your food preparation area is critical to be clean and functional to be productive and for the health safety. Capital Painting brings to your restaurant painting project the expertise and solutions that best suit your industry in competitive prices.

Restaurant Painting-Commercial PaintingA critical aspect in any restaurant painting project is scheduling. Knowing the hectic work schedule a restaurant may be, our professionals we’ll work 24/7 to deliver your project. And with our extensive knowledge of the available commercial coatings systems in the market, we’ll guide you through the selection of paints and protective coatings that best suited for your business with the quickest return on service.

We offer digital color rendering to review and coordinate the color schemes that best suit the appearance of your restaurant before paints been applied reducing samples and costs. Our services going beyond the application of architectural paints to include services such as protective coatings, floor coatings, anti-microbial coatings and more.

Our Restaurant Painting Services include:

A Successful Restaurant Painting Project

Capital Painting is partnering with you to accomplish a successful restaurant painting project in the most efficient and effective way. From the selection of the coatings and throughout the application process, with 24/7 service, experience personnel and up to date resources, we are committed to deliver your restaurant painting project in a timely manner, safely and cost effective way with minimum disruption for your business and day to day operations and guaranteed long lasting protection for your infrastructure with the desired aesthetical results.

If you are a business owner or a facilities manager and you are in search to hire a restaurant painting company in Sacramento,San Francisco Bay Area,San Jose and California’s Central Valley  or you need information about products and services, give us a call today at 1-866-8CAPITAL or send your message below. We’ll be happy to hear from you!


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