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Glossary M-N


Maintenance Painting – To preserve structures and equipment from premature failure and maintain them in appealing condition.

Mar Resistance – The ability of a coating to resist damage caused by light abrasion, impact or pressure.

Marine Varnish – Varnish specially designed for immersion in water and exposure to marine atmosphere.

Masking – Temporary covering of areas not to be painted.

Masking Tape – A strip of paper or cloth similar to adhesive tape, which can be easily removed, used to temporarily cover areas that are not to be painted.

Mastic – A heavy-bodied coating of high build.

MEK – Methyl Ethyl Ketone, a highly volatile solvent with good solubility for most vinyls, urethanes and other coatings.

Metallics – A class of paints that include metal flakes in their composition.

Metallizing – Mechanical deposition of one metal on another.

Metamerism – Relates to two colors and their relation under different light sources. It also defines the capability of humans to recognize colors and their relation under different light colors (ie: sun, bulb, neon).

Micron – 1/1,000,000th of a meter.

Mil – 1/1,000th of an inch; .001”

Mild Steel – Structural steel, SAE 1020

Mildew Resistance – The ability of a coating to resist the growth of molds and mildew. Mildew is particularly prevalent in moist, humid and warm climates.

Mildewcide – An agent that helps prevent molds or mildew growth on paint.

Mill Scale – Oxide layer formed on steel by hot rolling.

Mineral Spirits – Paint thinners or solvents derived from petroleum.

Miscible – Capable of mixing or blending uniformly.

Mist – Thin tack coat; thin adhesive coat.

Monomer – Composed of single molecules; a basic chemical used to make polymers.

Mottling – Speckling; uneven color on paint.

Mud-cracking – irregular cracking; dried mud puddle.




NACE #1 – White Metal Blasted Cleaned Surface Finish

NACE #2 – Near White Metal Blasted Cleaned Surface Finish

NACE #3 – Commercial Metal Blasted Cleaned Surface Finish

NACE #4 – Brush-Off Metal Blasted Cleaned Surface Finish

Nailhead Rusting – Rust from iron nails that penetrates or bleeds through the coating and stains the surrounding areas.

Nap – the length of fibers in a paint roller cover.

Nondrying oil – An oil which will not harden in air.

Nonferrous – Containing no iron.

Nonflammable – Incombustible.

Non-Volatile – The portion of paint left after the solvent evaporates; sometimes called the solids content.


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