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Glossary I-J-K-L


Impact Resistant – Ability to resist deformation from impact.

Incompatibility – Inability to mix with or adhere to another material.

Indicator Paper (pH) – A vegetable dyed paper indicating relative acidity or basicity.

Inert – A non-reactive pigment: filler

Inhibitor – Material such as primer used to retard rusting or corrosion.

Inorganic Coatings – Containing no carbon.

Intercoat Adhesion – The adhesion between two coats of paint.

Intercoat Contamination – Presence of foreign matter between successive coats.

Interior – The inside surfaces of a structure.

Intermediate Coat – The coating between the primer and finish; often called a barrier coat.

Intumescent Coating – A coating material which by foaming or swelling forms a voluminous substance when exposed to heat




Joint Cement – Cement used for drywall construction; also used as a bedding compound for joint tape and as a filler for nail holes.

Joint Tape – Special paper or paper-faced cotton tape used to cover joints between wallboard to conceal the joint and provide a smooth surface for painting.




KB Value – Measure of solvent power.

Ketones – Organic solvents containing CO grouping; commonly used ketones; acetone, dimethyl ketone, MEK-methyl ethyl ketone

Knotting – Solution of shellac in alcohol solvent used to seal knots found in new wood.

Kreb Units – Units of viscosity.



Lacquer – Coating that dry by solvent evaporation.

Laitance – Milky white deposit on new concrete; efflorescence

Laminar Scale – Rust formation in heavy layers.

Lap – To lay or place one coat so its edge extends over and covers the edge of a previous coat, causing an increased film thickness.

Lapping – Defect where visible distinct boundaries of wet and dry layers of paint had overlapped producing lines of color density or gloss difference.

Latex – Rubber like common binder for emulsion (water) paints.

Leaching – The process of extraction of a soluble component from a mixture with an insoluble component by percolation of the mixture with a solvent, usually water

Leveling – Ability of a film to flow out free from ripples, pockmarks and brush marks after application.

Lifting – The softening and penetration of a previous film by solvents in the paint being applied over it, resulting in a raising and wrinkling.

Linings – Internal barriers; coated or sheet type.

Linseed Oil – A drying oil used in paint, varnish and lacquer.

Livering – An increase in the body of coatings as a result of gelatin or chemical reaction in storage.


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