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Glossary G-H


Galvanic Corrosion – Corrosion of dissimilar metals in electrical conduct.

Galvanized – A thin coating of zinc that covers iron or steel to prevent rusts.

Gelling – Conversion from liquid to gel state.

Generic – Belonging to a particular family.

Glazing – A term used to describe several types of finishing materials. (1) Glazing putty is of a creamy consistency and is applied to fill imperfections in the surface. (2) A glazing stain is a pigmented stain applied over a stained, filled or painted surface to soften or blend the original color without obscuring it. (3) A glaze coat is a clear finish applied over previously coated surfaces to create a gloss finish.

Glazing Compound – Putty used to set glass in window frames and to fill nail holes and cracks.

Gloss – Luster or sheen of paints and coatings; ability to reflect light; brightness.

Gloss Meter – A standard scale for measuring the sheen or light reflectance of paint. Different brands with the same description such as semi-gloss or flat may have quite different ratings on the gloss meter.

Grain Raising – Swelling and standing up of the wood grain caused by absorbed water and solvents.

Graining – Simulating the grain of wood by means of specially prepared colors or stains and the use of graining tools or special brushing techniques.

Gray Blast – Commercial blast.

Grit – Abrasive blasting medium

Guide Coat – A coat similar to the finish coat but of different color to ensure good coverage.



Hardboard – Reconstituted natural wood, fabricated by reducing natural wood to fibers and then pressing the fibers together into panels of various thickness.

Hardener – Curing agent; catalyst

Hardness – The degree a material will stand pressure with deformation or scratching.

Hazing – Clouding.

Hiding Power – The ability of a paint to hide the previous surface or color.

High Build – Producing thick dry films per coat.

Holdout – The ability of a paint film to dry to its normal finish on a somewhat absorptive surface.

Holidays – Voids, pinholes, skips, discontinuities in the dried paint film.

Honeycombing – Lack of vertical film integrity, formation of cell structure

Hot Spots – Lime spots, which are not completely cured and bleed through the coating on a plastered wall.

Humidity – Measure of moisture content; relative humidity is the ratio of the quantity of water vapor in the air at a given temperature.

Hydrophilic – Having an affinity for water.

Hydrophobic – Having an antagonism for water.

Hydroscopic – Having a tendency to absorb water.


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