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FDA – Food & Drug Administration

Fading – Loss in brightness of color due to exposure to light, heat or weathering.

Fan Pattern – Geometry of spray pattern.

Fast Drying – Dry to recoat in less than two hours, quick hardening paint.

Feathering – Tapering the edge of dried paint film with sandpaper.

Ferrous – Containing iron.

Ferrule – The metal band that connects the handle and stock of the paintbrush.

Filler – Extender; bulking agent; inert pigment; filler compound

Filler Strips – Strips made from specially treated wood, metal, fiber or plastic in the center of a paintbrush, creating a reservoir of paint, thereby greatly increasing the paint carrying capacity.

Film – Layer or coat of paint or other finish.

Film Build – Dry film thickness per coat.

Finish Coat – Last coat of paint or other finish.

Fire Retardant Paint – A paint which will delay flaming or overheating of a substrate.

Fish Eyes – Small holes in the surface usually caused by grease, oil or silicone contamination.

Flaking – A form of paint failure characterized by the detachment of small pieces of the film from the surface of previous coats of paint.

Flash Point – The lowest temperature at which a coating or solvent will ignite if spark or flame is present.

Flashing – Flashing is caused by inadequate sealing of surfaces with varying porosity. After painting flashing will result in a non-uniform sheen and shiny spots.

Flat – A paint surface that scatters or absorbs the light falling on it so as to be substantially free from gloss or sheen.

Flat Applicator – A rectangular shaped flat pad with an attached handle that is used to paint shingles, shakes and other special surfaces and areas.

Flexibility – Ability of a coating to expand and contract during temperature changes.

Floating – Separation of pigment colors on the surface of applied paint.

Flocking – A coating process that produce velvet-like surfaces.

Flow – The ability of a coating to level out and spread into a smooth film. Paints that have a good flow usually level out uniformly and exhibit few brush or roller marks.

Frosting – An extremely fine wrinkle on the surface of a coating generally caused by foul gases in a curing oven.

Fungicide – An agent that helps prevent mold or mildew growth on paint.


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