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Edging – Striping

Efflorescence – A deposit of soluble white salts that remain on the surface of masonry, brick or plaster when water has evaporated.

Eggshell Finish – Degree of sheen between flat and gloss finish.

Elasticity – Degree of recovery from stretching

Electrolysis – Decomposition by means of an electric current.

Electrolyte – A solution that can conduct an electric current.

Electrostatic Spray – A method of paint application whereby an electric field deposition is used to promote the deposition of a coating material onto a substrate.

Elongation – Stretch.

Emulsion Paint – Paint in which particles are suspended in water or oil with the aid of an emulsifier as in latex paint.

Enamel – Broad classification paints that dry to a hard finish. They made be flat, gloss or semi-gloss.

Endothermic – A change or process which takes place with absorption of heat.

Epoxy Resins – Film formers usually made from bisphenol and epichlorohydrin.

Epoxy Amine – amine cured epoxy resin

Epoxy Ester – A combination of epoxy resin and alkyd resin resulting in an air-drying coating.

Erosion – The wearing away of a paint film caused by exposure to the weather.

Ester – An organic salt product of the reaction of alcohol and acid.

Etch – Surface preparation by chemical means to improve the adhesion of the coating.

Evaporation Rate – Rate of solvent release.

Exothermic – A change or process which heat is given off.

Explosion – Cratering from release of solvent after surface is dry; blistering.

Explosion Limits – A range of ratio of solvent vapor to air in which the mixture will explode if ignited.

Extender – Inexpensive and inert pigment added to paint for bulk and to lower costs.

Exterior – The outside surfaces of a structure.


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