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Decorative Painting – Architectural painting; aesthetical painting

Degreaser – Chemical solution (compound) for grease removal.

Delamination – Separation of layers.

Density – Weight per unit volume.

Detergent – Cleaning agent

Deterioration – Decay.

Dew Point – Temperature at which moisture condenses.

Diluents – A liquid which lowers the viscosity and increases bulk; thinner

Discoloration – Color change.

Dispersion – Suspension of one component in another.

Distensibility – Ability to be stretched.

Distillation – Purification or separation by volatilizing and condensing.

Distressing – Treatment of furniture, usually in the process of being antiqued, in order to make it appear older than it is. Consists of marring the surface or applying specks of glaze before varnishing.

Dolomite – Carbonate of calcium and magnesium.

Drier – A paint ingredient that aids the drying or hardening of the film.

Drop Cloth – Protective cover.

Dry Fall Paint – Dry fall paints use additives that allow the paint droplets to dry rapidly, in as little as a ten foot fall. The paint droplets dry to a dust-like consistency which can be swept away. The dry fall capabilities of these paints are temperature and humidity dependant. Low temps and high humidity increases the fall time required for drying.

Dry Spray – Overspray or bounce back leaving a sand like finish due to spray particles being partially dried before reaching the surface.

Drying Time – Time interval between application and final cure.

Dry Dust Free – That stage of drying when particles of dust that settle upon the surface do not stick to the paint film.

Dry to Handle – Time interval between application and when the paint film has hardened sufficiently so the object or surface painted may be used without marring.

Dry to Recoat – Time interval between application and when the next coat can be applied.

Dry to Sand – Time interval between application and when the paint film can be sanded without the sandpaper sticking or clogging.

Dry to Touch – Time interval between application and when the paint no longer feels sticky or tacky when lightly touched.

Durability – The ability of paint to last or hold up well against the destructive agents such as weather, sunlight, detergents, air pollution, abrasion or marring.

Dye – A colored material used just to dye or change color with little or no hiding of the underlying surface


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