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Back Primed – When a coat of paint is applied to the back of woodwork and exterior siding to prevent moisture from entering the wood and causing the grain to swell.

Banding – Identifying with stripes of tape.

Barrier – Shielding or blocking device.

Base – Substrate

Batch – The final quantity of any type of coating material produced in a single series or manufacturing operations.

Baking – The process of drying and hardening a coatings material by the application of heat, usually in some form of oven.

Benzine – Often used as a lacquer dilutent. Highly volatile and a fire hazard in shipping and storing.

Binder – Resin, film-forming vehicle. Usually paints named after the type of binder that employ.

Biocide – A chemical agent capable of killing organisms caused by dirt on surface or in paint.

Bleaching – The process of restoring discolored or stained wood to its original color or making it lighter.

Bleeding – Undercoat staining through the topcoat.

Blistering – The formation of bubbles or pimples on the painted surface caused by substrate moisture, by painting before the previous coat has dried thoroughly or by excessive heat or grease under the paint.

Blushing – A gloss film turning flat or a clear lacquer turning white, usually caused by moisture condensation during the drying process.

Body – Viscosity; middle or under (coat).

Bonding – Adhesion.

Boxing – Mixing paint by pouring from one container to another several times to ensure thorough mixing.

Breathe – The ability of a paint film to permit the passage of moisture vapor without causing blistering, cracking or peeling.

Bridging – Forming a skin over a deprecation.

Bristle – The working part of a brush containing natural bristles (usually hog hair) or artificial bristles (nylon or polyester).

Brittleness – Degree of resistance to cracking or breaking by bending.

Brushability – The ability or ease with which paint can be brushed.

Brush Marks – Marks of brush that remain in dried paint film.

Brush-Out – A technique sometimes used to influence a large sale that consists of brushing out a sample of paint onto a slab of wood or other material so the customer can see how the finished job will look.

Bubbles – Air bubbles in a drying paint film caused by excessive brushing during application or by over vigorous mixing that results in air entrapment.

Build – Thickness or depth of a paint film.

Burnishing – Shiny or lustrous spots on a paint surface caused by rubbing.


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