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Abatement – Removal or encapsulation of coatings cited as hazardous. Usually in relation to old lead coatings in structures painted before 1978.

Abrasion Resistance – Resistance to mechanical wear

Abrasive – The medium used to prepare the surfaces for painting. Examples are sand, grit, sandpaper, steel wool etc.

Accelerator – Catalyst; a material which accelerates the hardening of certain coatings.

Acetone – Dimethyl ketone: Type of solvent

Acoustic Paint – Paint which absorbs or deadens sound.

Acrylic – A type of synthetic polymer used as the binder for high-performance water-based paints and caulks. 100% acrylic latex’s have very good adhesion, flexibility, breath-ability, alkali resistance, and color and gloss retention. Acrylic resins result from the polymerization of acrylic and methacrylic acid.

Activator – Catalyst or curing agent.

Adhesion – Bonding strength; the attraction of a coating to the substrate.

Aerosol – A product feature that uses compressed gas to spray the product from its container.

Air Drying – Paints that dry by oxidation or evaporation by simple exposure to air without heat or catalyst.

Airless Spray – Spraying without atomizing air using hydraulic pressure

Alcohol – A flammable solvent miscible with water; commonly used in painting are ethyl alcohol (ethanol) and methyl alcohol (methanol).

Alkali – Caustic, inorganic compounds that can be highly destructive to paint films.

Alkyd – Oxidative curing coatings sometimes referred to as “oil-based coatings” or oleoresins.

Alkyd Resins – Resins prepared by reacting alcohols and acids.

Alligatoring – Paint film imperfections having the appearance of alligator hide.

Aluminum Paint – A paint that includes aluminum particles and gives a metallic finish when dried.

Anchoring – Mechanical bonding of a coating to a rough surface.

Anchor Pattern – Profile, surface roughness

Anion – Negatively charged ion.

Anode – The electrode that corrosion (oxidation) occurs.

Anti-Corrosive Paint – Metal paint designed to inhibit corrosion. Applied directly to metal..

Aqueous – Of, or like, water. In coatings terms, having water as the main solvent or diluent.

ASTM – American Society for Testing Materials. The main organization that sets procedure for standardized testing of all types of materials including coatings.


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