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Floor Painting-Floor Coatings-Commercial & Industrial

Concrete floors often prove challenging for successful coatings or recoating programs. Capital Commercial Floor Painting-Commercial Floor CoatingsPainting brings the experience and expertise needed to your next floor painting project for guaranteed long lasting results. From toppings to coatings, to tough epoxies and decorative quartz systems, our clients rest assured, when Capital Painting is on the job their floor painting project will be delivered in a timely manner, safely and competitively priced.

Floor Coatings Failures

Surface preparation and moisture problems usually are the predominant suspects for premature floor coatings failures or performance shortcomings. Keys to successful floor coating-application programs include that substrates receive proper preparation methods to achieve adequate anchor profile for mechanical bonding, are clean from all grease, oil, dirt and are free from substances (soluble salts, moisture) that might act as bond breakers and interfere with coating adhesion.

Floors We Service

  • Abrassion and Impact Resistant for warehouses,machine shops,storage,hangars,garages,manufacturing
  • Chemical Resistant for food processing,secondary containment,diaries,wineries,tank farms,battery storage
  • Anti-Slip Coatings for showers,lockers,walkways,ramps,docks,food processing
  • Thermal Shock Restitive coatings for cold storage,bottling,bakeries,food processing
  • Electrostatic Discharge Control coatings for laboratories,clean rooms,computer rooms
  • Decorative Quartz
  • Dustproofers/Sealers

A Successful Floor Painting Project

Capital Painting is partnering with you to accomplish a successful floor painting project in the most efficient and effective way. From the selection of the floor coatings system and throughout the application process, with 24/7 service, experience personnel and up to date resources, we are committed to deliver your floor painting project in a timely manner, safely and cost effective way with minimum disruption for your business and day to day operations and guaranteed long lasting protection for your floor with the desired aesthetical results.

If you are a business owner or a facilities manager and you are in search to hire a floor painting company in Sacramento,San Francisco Bay Area,San Jose and California’s Central Valley or you need information about products and services, give us a call today at 1-866-8CAPITAL or send your message below. We’ll be happy to hear from you!


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