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Dealing with Graffiti-Anti-Graffiti Coatings

Graffiti should be addressed by some method other than painting over it. Painting over graffiti only presents the “artist” with a new canvas, which usually results in additional defacement. The affected surfaces should be protected, for example, with commercially available anti-graffiti coatings.

Anti-graffiti coatings come in two forms: sacrificial and non-sacrificial. Sacrificial anti-graffiti coatings are usually wax based products that form a clear protective film over the treated area and shields it from spray paint or other markings to penetrate into the substrate. Tagging is removed with specialized cleaners and hot pressure water and the anti-graffiti coating must be reapplied on the affected area. Non-sacrificial graffiti-resistant coatings are usually polyurethane based products that applied and function in the same manner as the sacrificial but there is no need to be reapplied after the removal of graffiti. Both coatings can be applied over painted and unpainted surfaces and have the tendency if applied over deep, vibrant colors, to distort their appearance and look hazy.

Graffiti should be removed as soon as it is discovered, if possible while the paint is fresh, since the longer it remains on the surface the more difficult is to remove. Immediate removal also discourages additions or responses to it. Depending of what the graffiti surface is, the kind of material applied and how long has been on the surface; some of the following methods may be effective for the removal of graffiti.

  • Water-less hand cleaner and garden hosing
  • Mild solvent (alcohol)
  • Solvent saturated newspaper taped to the graffiti surface for a few hours
  • Hot-water blasting or steam cleaning
  • Soda bicarbonate or ice blasting

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