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Critical points of Commercial Exterior Painting projects

Commercial exterior painting takes place in a variety of business spaces from offices to Commercial Exterior Painting-Industrial Exterior Paintingwarehouses, to retail spaces, hotels and apartments and in every case the coating system which is going to be selected needs to serve two major functions-protect the substrates from weather elements and human activities and beautify to provide an aesthetically pleasant environment for tenants and visitors.

Usually when we are talking about commercial exterior painting, we are talking about the application of coatings on thousands of square feet free of defects which is going to compromise the life and protective function of the coating (pinholes, misses, thickness variation) but also free of aesthetic defects (runs, sags, roller marks) etc. And certainly all these need to be achieved under a variety of atmospheric conditions (air and surface temperature, humidity, wind) which needs to be consistent with the guidelines of the coating manufacturer during application and curing period. The substrate also needs to be properly prepared (patching, sanding) and be free of contaminants (dirt, oil, moisture) before accepts the coating system. And last but not least the whole painting process needs to be done in a safely and effective manner following state and federal regulatory rules for the environment and humans alike.

To achieve these objectives the contractor in hire needs to exhibit knowledge of the commercial exterior painting systems, great organization skills and to possess specific equipment capable to tackle the project on hand. But the most important paragon for a long lasting paint job, the contractor needs to have a crew of skilled professionals, trained on the appropriate application techniques, which understands the needs of commercial painting and can follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the proper installation of the coating system.

In conclusion, commercial exterior painting serves two functions-to protect and to beautify-and that can only be achieved when the coatings selected applied according to the manufacturer’s instructions by skilled painters, using the appropriate equipment and application techniques. Hiring a professional painting company can help you through the process of the coatings selection to the finished product, with minimum disruption for your business and day to day operations and guaranteed long lasting protection for your infrastructure with the desired aesthetically results.

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