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Types of Maintenance Painting Surveys

Types of Maintenance Painting Surveys The purpose of maintenance painting is to preserve structures and equipment from premature failure and maintain them in appealing condition. There are three types of surveys that can be conducted to establish a maintenance painting program; minimal walk-through,mid-level and detailed maintenance painting survey. Minimal walk-through survey A minimal walk-through maintenance painting survey involves a subjective visual assessment of the overall condition of the coatings within a given area of the facility (lock, dam, public use area). The coatings within the areas are rated according to the painting needs of high, medium, or low priority, or some other qualitative rating scheme such as no coating work required, touchup only, or complete removal. When using a priority grading scheme, corrosion, process, contamination, safety, etc. all may be utilized as criteria. It may be helpful to conduct a quick walk-through of the facility to obtain an initial understanding of the range of coating conditions found […]

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Purpose of maintenance painting program

Purpose of maintenance painting program There are six reasons to properly develop, implement, and maintain a maintenance painting program: facility upkeep, corrosion protection, aesthetics, cost savings, energy conservation, and safety/identification. These factors all enter into the maintenance painting program decision-making process. Facility upkeep Facility upkeep is an all encompassing concept. How smooth or well an operation functions can be a direct result of management’s commitment to both the long- and short-term benefits of continual surveillance and remediation of corrosion. When the owner provides for continued maintenance, unscheduled shutdowns because of equipment and/or structural corrosion related failures can be avoided. The rehabilitation of the facility then can be maintained through planned downtimes and/or scheduled preventative maintenance procedures. Corrosion protection Corrosion protection, combined with loss of structural integrity, is generally the overriding and primary purpose of a maintenance painting program. When properly designed and maintained, major and costly procedures (complete removal and […]

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Dealing with Graffiti

Dealing with Graffiti-Anti-Graffiti Coatings Graffiti should be addressed by some method other than painting over it. Painting over graffiti only presents the “artist” with a new canvas, which usually results in additional defacement. The affected surfaces should be protected, for example, with commercially available anti-graffiti coatings. Anti-graffiti coatings come in two forms: sacrificial and non-sacrificial. Sacrificial anti-graffiti coatings are usually wax based products that form a clear protective film over the treated area and shields it from spray paint or other markings to penetrate into the substrate. Tagging is removed with specialized cleaners and hot pressure water and the anti-graffiti coating must be reapplied on the affected area. Non-sacrificial graffiti-resistant coatings are usually polyurethane based products that applied and function in the same manner as the sacrificial but there is no need to be reapplied after the removal of graffiti. Both coatings can be applied over painted and unpainted surfaces […]

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Maintenance Painting

Painting Contractors

Commercial and Industrial Maintenance Painting Services The purpose of maintenance painting is to preserve structures and equipment from premature failure and maintain them in appealing condition. Such maintenance will result in substantial savings in the life cycle cost of a coating and upkeep a pleasant environment. Also, timely protection of components from deterioration minimizes or even eliminates costly repairs and replacements. Capital Painting offers maintenance painting services, for our commercial and industrial property clients, to help you maintain your infrastructure in top working order and keep your equipment safe and productive. Our professionals will address any of your maintenance painting issues such as corrosion control of metallic surfaces in industrial environments, safety markings and color coding or simple upkeep for aesthetically appearance. We ensure adequate surface preparation and correct selection and application of coatings is performed to avoid premature failure and unnecessary painting.   Our maintenance painting services include: Pressure washing […]

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