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Safety At Capital Painting safety is the first most important thing on the job. We want our employees to go back to their families’ everyday safely and our clients can be assured that along with quality workmanship, quality performance is our highest priority. Managers, supervisors and employees are trained to understand and deal with work-site hazards. We have put in place methods for preventing or controlling potential work-site hazards, such as hazard communication, electrical safety, equipment operations and maintained through ongoing training for all levels of personnel and management commitment to safety policies.   Safety Planning Commercial and Industrial painting takes place in a wide variety of buildings and working environments. And in every project, the workers as well as those who may visit the work site are exposed to safety hazards. At Capital Painting the first step in controlling safety hazards on any project is to identify the issues […]

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Who we are Capital Painting is a family owned-second generation painting shop serving the commercial and industrial market.We are committed to provide our clients with quality services and value their business as our own.We live by our values and we are not compromise them for short term gains. Success comes with hard work and commitment and not by chance and we are willing to take the extra mile to ensure quality services have been delivered.   Values Our core values integrated into everything that we do. We are committed to: • Accountability: being responsible for meeting the commitments we made, including ethical and professional integrity, meeting budget and strategic targets and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. • Best practices: requires us to make choices to maximize excellence and to learn from internal and external resources about ways to increase effectiveness and/or efficiency. • Synergy: a combining our efforts so […]

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